Like physical health, mental health is something we all have and should take care of, and it often deteriorates more when we’re under strain.

Pressures can affect anyone, at any time, or any place, whether they are in school, preparing for university, or starting their first job, which could be in an office, factory, warehouse, coffee shop, or hospital. It should come as no surprise that daily pressures like preparing for examinations, filling out university applications, meeting work deadlines, and always-on technology can cause stress to affect your mind and body.

Pressure issues can both contribute to and result from disorders like anxiety and depression. Unhealthy mental health is estimated to cost the UK economy £70 billion annually*, therefore it’s critical to think about a number of strategies and methods you can practice taking care of yourself.

Advice on how to handle pressure
Here are several well-known ways of dealing with pressure. By learning them now, you can maintain good mental health, which will be helpful when you start your first work. Everyone will, of course, experience this in their own unique way and may be affected at quite different times in their life.

  1. Be gentle to yourself. It can be tempting to be too hard on yourself or your job, but chances are that you’re being unfair to yourself.
  2. Deal with the stress-inducing factors in your life. While a tiny amount of stress can help you feel in control, achieve your goals, or be more energized, it can become a problem if it starts to overwhelm you. Finding out what is causing your pressure is the first stage, after which you may be ready to control your reaction.
  3. If you discover that you are beginning to feel the effects of pressure, get assistance by talking to people who can support and direct you. Be honest with them since both teachers and employers want their students and employees to succeed.
    Take care of yourself.
  4. Take care of yourself by making sure you receive regular pauses and brief walks, as well as by eating healthily and getting a decent night’s sleep.

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